A nearby primary school was bombed recently. Thousands fled their homes, most expatriates were evacuated, but Dr. Tom and a small contingent remained to run the hospital.

Pray for peace and safety for Tom and his colleagues.


A new film about Dr. Catena, The Heart of Nuba, is due out soon. Watch the trailer and visit the Facebook page, where you can learn about a heart-breaking medical decision and view Tom's Brown University honorary degree acceptance speech, delivered by Skype from the Nuba Mountains.

How have funds been used?

Your support of Dr. Tom and his colleagues through AMHF has made the following possible:
  1. Tuition for 7 physician assistants and 1 lab technician from Nuba to study at Kajo Keiji Health Training Institute.
  2. Tuition for a Nuba medical student studying at Kampala International University. A physician assistant student will join later this year.
  3. Purchase of new anesthesia equipment for Dr. Tom and the newly trained nurse anesthetists who trained in Kenya. This equipment is en route from England to East Africa.
  4. $210,000 for salaries and supplies. As of last week, these items had been delivered to the refugee camp in Yida, South Sudan, awaiting transport into the Nuba Mountains.
  5. $65,000 for emergency supplies (e.g. blankets) for refugees, also on the way.
Decisions regarding the use of these funds are made by Tom and the hospital administration in accordance with existing agreements with AMHF. We strive to be fully transparent and accountable. Please direct questions to Dr. Jon Fielder, President of AMHF, at jon.fielder@amhf.us. Our biggest concern remains the ongoing operation of the hospital, not only during the current conflict but beyond, when international attention and support might wane.
Gidel Mother of Mercy Hospital is operated by the Diocese of El Obeid. African Mission Healthcare Foundation (registered 501(c)3) provides financial support to the hospital but does not run it. Contributions may be made online or by check to AMHF, PO Box 2783, Westerville, OH 43086, Attn: Dr. Catena's work.